Maze Ball is one of the most amazing brain games out there featuring a ball rolling through a series of labyrinths!

You simply tap right or left arrows on the screen or use the right and left arrows on the keyboard to use the gravity to make the ball roll in the labyrinths to its destination in each level. Along the way, get the stars if you can as they will add more points to your score. Be careful about various interesting obstacles along the way as hitting some of them will destroy the ball while others will catapult the ball.

The most fascinating facet about Maze Ball is you don't get a chance to see the overall map of each labyrinth so you have to be quick to react and rely on your memory to some extent in order to reach each destination.

You get 300 seconds to reach as high a level as possible. Your final score will be "Highest-level-cleared*2+Stars".

Have fun in this pretty amazing rolling adventure! Good luck in beating your opponents! :)))