Kitsune Zenko is an unparalleled adventure platform game series! Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox and Zenko means good.

Kitsune Lava is the 7th episode of our heroic fox's series of adventures, which features awesome lava (YES!!!:) in addition to a bunch of new characters in the game!

In order to win, our little fox needs to collect all diamonds and cherries within the count-down timer. The landscape design is epic and there are many dangerous creatures challenging our brave and smart little fox along the way.

If the fox loses all lives or can't collect all diamonds and cherries before the time is up, then the score is 0; if the fox makes it, then you'll get a higher score if you can finish the mission with more time and lives left, also destroying dangerous creatures and collecting coins will also help increase your score. But most importantly, you need to finish collecting all the diamonds and cherries before the time is up!!

Enjoy and be the winner in this epic adventure platform game! May our Kitsune bring you the best of luck as well! :))