Josh Goodman Josh Goodman
Smarty Weight  
just had a match with Stanley Warrington on Game Smarty Weight and won 2 of KOO COINS
Richard Crowley Richard Crowley
Dodge the bullet  
just had a match with Josh Goodman on Game Dodge the bullet and the Game Tied!
Hanyang Kim Hanyang Kim
Cannon Shot  
just had a match with Mark Andres on Game Cannon Shot and won 2 of KOO COINS
Level Up Level Up
Xin Wang has just leveled up to Level 3 and got 9 Koo coins as a reward. Congrats! Level up to unlock more and more surprise gifts! Enjoy Instant Challenge & Instant Fun at KCP.
Louis Houdart Louis Houdart
just had a match with Xin Wang on Game Archery and won 3 of KOO COINS
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